The forums offer a place to meet other sissies like yourself. We also have 100's of sissy audio MP3's, sissy stories, feminization fiction, and a place to share your sissy fantasies and girlie realities. If you are looking for a place to explore your girlie, sissy side, this is it, pretty. We also offer sissy phone sex, if you are looking for something a little more naughty!

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Inside the GirlieBoards, you will find the following forums:

Introduce Yourself!: This is where new sissies can introduce themselves to the members of the forum

Sissy Audio: Our most popular forum, the Girlie Audio forum offers hundreds of FREE sissy audio MP3s for your enjoyment

Sissy Blogs: Do you have a sissy blog you'd like to share with the girlie world? Post it in the Sissy Blogs forum

Sissy Stories: Do you like to read sissy stories and feminization fiction? Are you a writer of girlie stories? Read sissy stories, or post your own, in the Sissy Fiction forum

Sissy Assignments: If you're like most sissies, you love to please your Mistress! The Sissy Assignment forum provides a number of assignments for sissies

Ask the Girlie Girls: Are you just beinging your sissy exploration? Do you have questions for genetic females about becoming more feminine? "Ask the GirlieGirls" is the place to learn from us!

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