On the Second Day of Dirty Santa, Mistress Piper Gave to Me....(a super sexy sissy audio!)

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Ms. Piper

Here we are on the second day of Dirty Santa's Spank Bank Stocking Stuffers. Today we have a sexy audio from one of my dear sweet sissies I nicknamed Tink.

Tinky Winky likes to be a sweet frilly sissy, but don't think just because he's frilly he's too pretty to get dirty. Tinky gets VERY dirty!

Enjoy this audio written by Tink, and if you have your own script you'd LOVE to have recorded for FREE, please check out my blog and find out how you can get me to do just that: 12 Days You Can Get Excited About: Dirty Santa’s Jolly Old Spank Bank Stocking Stuffers

Now hold onto your hats (among other things!). Here's Tink's sexxy sissy audio: Sissy and Mistress One Last Time
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