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Let me invite you on a tour! ... promo2.png ... _Delia.mp3

The Enchantrix Empire is more than just a voice and text experience, because we've expanded to the virtual 3D sim world! And we want you to join us. On Sunday, March 11, 2018, starting at 11 pm EST you can join Delia and I for a special Whore School extravaganza. We're teaming up to bring you a visual and auditory feast, and a tour of the Empire on 2nd Life!

Please watch the streaming video, listen to the play by play audio, and chat in the chatroom during the show. There's an amazing amount of fun to be had for sissies, crossdressers, trans folkx, and everyone who has dreamed but daren't actually act. In the digital virtual world, you can be and do literally anything.

I hope you'll join us this coming Sunday. You can read more here: Tour the Empire! and get the links for joining up or enjoying the show.

You can find my blog at Fetish Phone Sex Blog

Tune in Sundays at 11 pm EST for Whore School on Cock Radio! and join the discord for Whore School too!
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