Sissy, It's Time To Fluff The Bull For Mistress Cassandra

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Hi, fellow sissies! Alison Dispatch posted Mistress Cassandra's below audio on Enchantrix Empire ( ), to which I replied, "I hope this makes its way to the Sissy School forum. Yay! Mistress Cassandra!" Miss Rachel in turn responded, "I'm sure Miss Cassandra wouldn't mind and would in fact be tickled if you linked it there yourself!" So with no further ado, here it is!:

* Mistress Cassandra, "It’s Time To Fluff The Bull For Mistress Cassandra", July 27, 2018, ... cassandra/ , ... syCuck.mp3 .

Yippee! Thank you so much for this very erotic recording, Mistress Cassandra!

I love the lady's role with a manly-man so very much! Teehee!
Boys will be girls.


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