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Ms. Harper
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Don't worry, I can help you find yourself a nice thick... ... ksCock.mp3

wait, what?

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There will still be alot of escort services of course, and websites for trannys, sissies, and gays, I know there are plenty of escort services still going, but what you wrote can also be an option, especially if there is a safe tranny or gay club in their city or region. Some nightclubs are better than others.
Your suggestions on how a sissy should dress when going to such a club certainly can help a sissy get a guy.

Even better though at getting handsome masculine men is if your sissy has a nightclub in her area where beautiful and feminine sissy crossdressers, transvestites, transwomen, etc., go to meet guys that date feminine gay sissies who dress as women, especially if the sissy trannys are good at their feminization, and are able to pass as an attractive lady, doing things such as properly doing their makeup, having feminine mannerisms, wearing a sexy dress with pantyhose and high heels, wearing earrings, and having shaved smooth legs, having their hair styled feminine or wearing a woman's wig, carrying a purse, etc..
Of course many men are into beautiful feminine transwomen who live and dress full time as women.

Knowing what to purchase in regards to women's clothes, purses, makeup, earrings and accesories, can help a sissy in her feminization.

Those sorts of nightclubs are becoming more popular in some metro areas.
Check the internet for those nightclubs, if the feminized sissy wants to try that.
I am based in the Los Angeles metro area, male to female fully feminized non-op transwoman.
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When a man surrenders his body, mind and heart to woman, all of his qualities including his entire self becomes his Mistress' property.
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Jamie Michelle
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Ms. Harper wrote: Fri Nov 23, 2018 11:06 pm Don't worry, I can help you find yourself a nice thick... ... ksCock.mp3

wait, what?

Thank you very much for this sexy recording, Ms. Harper! I love sucking my manly-man husband's cock! Mmm, yummy! Teehee!
Boys will be girls.


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Theophysics, ,
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It depends on the mood. Also, my best friend works in escort and publishes her photos on different websites, like this, and she taught me everything she knows:
How to style my clothes and shoes to look good.
How to do my makeup correctly.
How to style my hair.
She is the best because she likes to share all this knowledge with me.
I'm glad that I have many people in my life who can accept who I am and not judge me. It's important to have such support in your life.
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