Ms. Ally - "Sissy Party" Audio

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>;-> Well . Ms Ally strikes again.. she may not work the phones much these days but she is still a wild one .....


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All I have to add was that was incredible!
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Oh. My. God.

That is all.
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Whyguys, I have to disagree with you. To me, I love when women make men(including me) have male to male sex. It is extremely humiliating. Especially, after not being allowed to cum for two weeks to a month. When she makes me suck a large cock, I get hard without even touching my own cock. This is because there are women watching and the fact that they are making me.
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that as just wonderful it was really great i listen to it in my pink satan panties and bra i love it!
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Ally wrote:
Sissy_Bride wrote: Also, I don't care what anyone else says but Ally has the most incredibly sexiest voice I have ever heard. Personally I feel that she could be talking about a pile of cupcake wet sewer rats and it would sound sexier than all hell. I could and probably will listen to her for hours on end. I dream of having a voice as angelic as hers.

You are too funny, Darlene! Thank you for the compliment. I will start planning the sewer-rats recording soon.

(just kidding, girlies)

Mistress Ally, I just luvvve your sexy voice, also.
I always make sure I have my full dress and makeup on when I listen to you, so I can imagine its me you're teasing and humiliating.
I get soooo excited
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oh Mistress Ally this is so so little clitty has been dripping all over me.i love to lick it off my toes while i listen to Your audios.i wish this audio was about me.i love fascials..thank You Ms Ally..xoxo
Alice Sissyslut
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For me-the intensest and deepest part-but still ESSENTIAL- of the sissy experience is being noticed, seemingly, sexually by men, who will want to fondle you and pleasure you-and you will warm to it because YOU ARE SUCH A SLUT! It's not a gay thing-it's just when you love to become the persona of a dirty, horny sissy the being pimped out to men is all part of it.
Alice Sissyslut
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Can I just add that this story was awesome. Nothing than being used and trampled on like the piece of pretty pink ass I am.
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What a great story

Thank you Mistress Ally
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Thank you, Miss Ally ! My kind of sissy party!
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This was great series!
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this is the most erotic audio i have ever heard..i just wish that sissy was me..i would love to suck cock in front of a room full of Dominant cum all over my face..sissy candy
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Wow, I never listened to these before, and they're almost 8 YEARS OLD! I'm glad they still work because they are GREAT! Very interesting discussion too. I love to see early threads being revived like this. This kind of fantasy never gets old.

Edit: I thought about these audios when I went to bed last night and I just had to come back and edit this post.

For one, I looked and it seems Ms Ally hasn't visited or posted in over a year now, that's kind of sad because the more I thought about it, the more I thought this group of audios put together create an incredibly fantastic and erotic adventure and scene. It captures every aspect of and pushes it to the pinnacle of intense humiliation, the exact recipe to trip every trigger I have.

I thought it a bit ironic that there was so much controversy over the whole gay, not gay thing or more specifically, the mention of male bits. But I think that missed the point of the audios in general.

I am kind of curious if she did these all at once or was this like a series and she kept adding to the original post? Either way, I think this thread and Ms Ally captured it perfectly and as one poster mentioned, she does have a voice to cupcake for.

It's a beautiful fantasy and while I am quite happy in my monogamous and private style relationship and wouldn't trade it for the world. A Lady like this can't help but make a guy wonder, "what if?" As heterosexual as I think I am and as generous as cupcake nature was with me in that regard, would my admiration and devotion to women and my ability to be submissive allow me to let a Lady like that have her way with me? Definitely food for thought. ;-)
'Just being able to dream it opens a whole new world of excitement'
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Any chance we can find this one again? I'm intrigued. Sounds like my bag. :)
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