New Year New Sissy?

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Mistress Erika
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Hi Ladies, gurls and bois who wanna be gurls!

REmember me? LOL, It's ok, if you don't!

I've had such a busy fall I haven't had much time to visit! But since we are ending a new year, and moving into 2024 do you have any girlie dreams or goals for 2024 ?
Well one goal THIS gal has is to visit here more often! I also want to fill my blog, audio store and assignment store with things YOU want and NEED!

Here's your chance, what topics are you interested in? Post your dream list here, and myself and hopefully other Mistresses will be inspired and run with it!

Lastly: If you could dress in the most adorable holiday outfit ever, what would it be?

I think this one is adorable ! Image
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So for me I really like audios that get at the humiliation of being a sissy. Like 'omg are you a sissy? You are aren't you!' that kind of tease around the discovery of it. I think sometimes the idea of say sucking cock, the humiliation of it, can be breezed past.

In terms of a dream holiday outfit well you can't look past this as the quintessential sexy christmas outfit

Startup sissy trading in his CK boxers for thongs one pair at a time :lol:
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