Are You a Fluffy Girl?

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I want to drop a line about how much I love fluffy folks. What's fluffy, you ask? It's people with added cushion on their bodies. Softer girls and guys. Gooshy when you snuggle up together.

Our culture has this crazy idea that everyone should be svelte and wear a size 2, even sissies. That is complete BS!

I want you to be you! In all your sweet glory. ... People.mp3
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Mistress Erika
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I love this Ms Daphne!

You are right, embrace who we are, curves and all!

It's hard to do, with all the sensational "you should look like her" energy but like Daphne said "Be Who You Are!"

We like who you are! 😘😘
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Hear, hear!

I like to call it, "juicy".

:wink: :P
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Yay Mistress Daphne

Thank you for this. We are all different and beautiful in our own ways. Body diversity in all of the shades, shapes, and abilities are so sexy to me. The differences are as fascinating as scars or tattoos. In this way, a person’s body tells an intimate story. A quiet story like a whisper in the wind. But a beautiful story of resilience, passion, and personality. A story that makes me feel included and special when I am lucky, patient, and perceptive enough to appreciate that wonderful body.

PS I love your closing to live a wonderful life. So important for us all to hear
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