Sissy training by Ms Olivia

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Sissy training is so much fun!
This sissy school class takes your training to the next level.
What will you need to do? ... Olivia.mp3

Are you ready - ?? - did you do it?
BDSM kink podcast, The Weekly Hot Spot:

Ready for the ultimate....Dial, 1-800-601-7259 for Olivia


$2.99/min., 10 min minimum, billed to your credit card.
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Mistress Erika
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So right Ms Olivia, love that audio I want to know, now too! Are you ready, sissy gurl for more! Listen , and salivate! 8) :wink:
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That is interesting stuff, no doubt.
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Dear Mistress

Eating our cummies - so naughty but so true for sissies. Part of our journey for ourselves and to show our Mistresses that we know who we are. Sissies DO eat their own cummies. That helps us to move beyond any lingering thoughts of masculinity. And as we make our ways along the path, we know there are more steps along the way. No more pussy for sissies unless with our tongues as a special treat for us. We do need and want to be locked in chastity. And thoughts of sucking beautiful hard cocks increasingly cause our sissy tingles. You are lighting the way.
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