Are you a sissy who wants to suck a cock?

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susan9316 wrote: Thu May 16, 2024 10:33 pm Dear Mistress Olivia

I do listen when I get the chance to do so.

One comment - there was an episode where you discussed whether one could be a sissy if they did not want to suck a cock. Of course, the answer was that there are many kinds of sissies. However, I might suggest that becoming a sissy is a journey. In my first moments of discovery it was as simple as putting on air of panties. The idea of sucking a cock seemed so very foreign and out of bounds. But this is a journey and step by step we are seduced by its reality. A matching panty and bra set, that then needs the next part of the outfit. Skirts and hose. Learning sizes and making choices. A pair women's boots,. Shopping at Victoria's Secret, telling the sales person I am shopping for myself, trying things on in the dressing room because I have purchased too many things that do not fit when I try them on at home. Reaching inside for my most feminine self. A makeover and a makeup kit. Needing to go outside. Trying on and buying dresses at a women's clothing store. Eating my cum, of course and marking that as soooo important for me and defining myself to myself. Men don't eat their cum but sissies certainly do.. Noticing women's outfits and wishing to look as good in them, not wishing to sleep with them. It is a sissy clit, after all, nothing more. Servicing her orally is all that I want. Craving to be locked in chastity.

And then, yes. noticing men's cocks and wanting to see them more and more. Hard, soft, gorgeous and inviting. Where did that come from? Needing to see cocks to get fully excited.

So maybe the answer to the question is in many case one of timing. Eventually, is it the case that most sissies will want so suck cocks? I think it is likely and enjoy the journey.
I feel like this resonates with me. The first time I saw like a sissy humiliation porn I was like wtf? That's not for me. Then I tried it, liked it, but it was a one time deal. Then I'd revisit. Then there were teases about blowing guys. I rejected them as well. At first.

Soon enough I'm trying on panties and sissifying myself because I enjoy it so much. I enjoy it as a fantasy but if I could be totally feminised, the guy was really hot and there was a dom there, and there was no real world impact of it, I think I would love to suck his dick.
Startup sissy trading in his CK boxers for thongs one pair at a time :lol:
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You make such a great point!
There are lots of nuances that go into desire and then considering acting on the desire.
You're not alone in the worry about "consequences" and therefore keeping things in fantasy realm and yet also knowing you would give it a try IF the circumstances were right.
It's the "what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas" kind of vibe, right?
I'm with you!
I get it for sure!
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