So when did it happen, sissy?

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EnchantrixWillow wrote: Sat Dec 16, 2023 5:39 pm
sirtheocean wrote: Sat Oct 28, 2023 1:31 pm Wow this was really sexy and hit close to home. I'm still not 100% sure I'm a sissy but I've definitely recently started to enjoy the feeling of being emasculated. That humiliation any guy feels for not being 'man enough' has started to cross into my sexual desires.

I was checking out a hot gym girl's instagram and saw a pic with her boyfriend grabbing her ass. This guy was just a huge muscle bound stud, the kind you can't compete with, and I thought 'wow now there's a real man'. I looked for a few more pics with him in when I was suddenly like 'wait, am I jealous of him or of her 🙈'.

These feelings of not being 'man enough' led to me trying on a pair of my girlfriends panties and I could not believe how my butt looked in them. It could have been a girl's butt! It was one thing to feel that I wasn't a man but to feel sexy like a girl was a whole new level of emasculation. So that's maybe when it happened and I thought 'omg am I actually a sissy?'
It sounds like you opened the sissy pandora's box with the instagram, and then trying on panties and realizing you looked good in them. Most of the callers that I talk to that are into feminization, have admitted to feeling that mix of humiliation and excitement, to wearing panties and women's clothing. Thank you for sharing 😊
Yes Mistress a sissy pandora's box feels about the right way to put it. As a straight guy, I think we all still know a stud when we see one. But almost giving into that feeling of inferiority to him, imagining my girl posing with him, and enjoying how it felt was definitely a pandora's box moment.

Now that box has led to me dressed up in my girl's lingerie imagining myself posing with him :oops:
Startup sissy trading in his CK boxers for thongs one pair at a time :lol:
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