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Feminization training can always go a touch deeper, with gooning masturbation. Imagine gooning for hours and hours with the delectable voices of four muses to guide you. But how, and where? We've got you covered.

We have a treat for all the gooners (and sissies, crossdressers, tgirls, non-binary), a brand new gooning masturbation audio featuring: Duchess Willow, Princess Andi, Mistress Brighton, Mistress Becky. It's titled Gooner's Delight, and here's a free audio sample for you to listen to.

Warning: It's sensual but a touch humiliating. So if you enjoy a bit of wickedness and degradation, have fun with that.

Four Mistress Gooning Masturbation Preview

Want the audio? Click below.

Gooner's Delight Four Mistress Gooning Masturbation

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